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Live 12+ Best Free Music Download Sites To Download Mp3 Music

Best free music download sites: Music plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It is not possible to stream and listen to songs online always; therefore we need to keep a good collection of songs on our PC and mobile. If you are finding difficulties with downloading your favorite songs then let us help you solve your problem.

Many sites are there where you can get your favorite MP3 and you can listen music online free but you can’t download them for free, a subscription fee will be required for that. Here we are suggesting you best free MP3 songs download sites from where you can download all your favorite soundtracks for free.

Best free music download sites

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If you download songs from any unrecognized site, there is a possibility of getting infected by malware or other threats which can cause serious damage to your device.

In these list of this best free music download sites we will provide secure site where you can download all your favorite music for free whether it is English, Hindi or other regional languages.

Another great thing is that you can download your favorite song for free without going through the registration procedure from these best free mp3 music download sites. These sites provide you an awesome user interface. Let’s check them out here.

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List of Best Free Music Download Sites 2023


This is another most popular website and mostly known as world’s largest digital service website. From this site you can download all your favorite mp3 songs for free. This site is like a heaven for music artists as they can upload their own compositions for free.

You can download all the legal mp3’s from this site. Apart from this you can access all the smashing hits of your favorite artist and listen to them and can share them directly on social media.


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Mp3 Skull is another great site for free mp3 music download. The awesome interface of the site helps to download your favorite songs easily. In this site you will find all the recent smashing hit songs with high quality audio. You can search your desired songs on this site either by the artist name, by song name or by album. You will get a good experience while using this site.



This website is one of the rapidly growing sites for downloading mp3s for free. This site is basically US based and offers tons of music files for free download. This site combines with YouTube videos which help to get you mp3 files of many videos which you won’t get anywhere else.

According to sources this site will become one of the 500 largest sites in US and among 1000 worldwide.



Archive.org is another great site for downloading free mp3 songs. This site comes with some features which made it unique. You can download songs directly by the name of the country or the artist of that country.

In this site you will find songs from various countries and can see the most downloaded songs. If you are looking for trying something new then this site is the best site for you.



Everyone is familiar with YouTube, isn’t it? Most of the people use YouTube for watching videos and listening music but very few know that you can download music files from YouTube for free.

This is one of the best website as you will get almost all type of videos and audios on YouTube. Using Video To MP3 you can convert the video files into mp3 and download them for free.

youtube music


If you are looking for a site where you can stream songs online and can download them too then this is the best site for you.

This site provides different databases on national and international music which helps you to download your favorite genre and favorite music. Apart from downloading music you can read various articles about music and can create your own playlist too.



If you are a music addict then you will love this site for sure. The site is little slow though but once you open it, the features of this site will make you fall in love with it. In this site you can listen to your favorite artists and download songs as well.

You can stream live music too in this site. You can download songs of almost all the genres. Apart from downloading songs you will get free lyrics, image and ringtones of any song. So with all this feature this is also one of the best sites to download music free online.



This is a very popular website worldwide. You can stream music online and can download any songs for free from this website. This site is the best platform for music composers as they can upload their music on this site and can become famous.

You can view all the latest trending things on the sound cloud community. To access the features of this site you need to register first, which you can do for free.



This site comes with agree at user interface and provides free mp3 songs download for all type of mp3 songs. Apart from downloading songs you can share them on social Medias directly so that your close ones can also listen to them.

Everything in this site is managed in a systematic and proper way from which you can jump into any of your favorite section. In the homepage you can also see a list of trending songs along with artist and album name.


This is another great site which is organized in a proper way so that you can search everything easily. This site provides all the legal mp3’s.

In this site you will find millions of songs and can download them for free. This feature of this site made this site a popular music search engine site. Before downloading any song you can listen to them. You can share songs directly from this site.


Most of the people use this website to download English songs. You will get almost all type of genres in this site along with best quality audio. Whenever you will search any song on this site it will show you the accurate result.

You can do stream music and download them from this site. Apart from all these you can make your own playlist too but to create it you need to register yourself first.

Audio Mack

Audio Mack is one of the most popular sites to download free music online. In this site you can check all the songs and albums of your favorite artists. This site provides you all type of music genres. You can download all your favorite tracks for free.

Apart from this you will be able to create your own library of playlist. If you are a musician then you can share your music free of cost with this site.


Conclusion: Best free music download sites

Undoubtedly the above mentioned sites are 12 Best free music download sites from where you can download music free online. You can check the sites one by one. Now you have idea about all the sites so you can download songs according to the genre you want.

You need to register yourself in some sites to avail the special features of those sites such as creating playlist, uploading music etc. all these sites are great and its worth giving then a try.

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