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How To Increase Torrent Download Speed In 2022 [5 Methods]

Downloading something from the internet is very easy these days like you can download APK to PC. You can use the built-in downloader feature of the web browsers or take advantage of third-party downloader programs. While there are various programs available out there to download content from the internet, torrent is the best possible way to do that. Torrent is basically a peer-to-peer file sharing method where seeders (uploaders) send the files to the peers (downloaders) via the method called torrenting. You can use torrent downloading applications on your Windows, MAC, Android, or iOS devices to use the torrent files or magnet links.

How To Increase Torrent Download Speed

Though depending on the device and torrent application you are using, the data transfer limit is restricted. You can actually follow some methods to increase torrent download speed on your Windows devices. When it comes to torrent downloaders for mobile, the download speed depends on the network coverage and the type of application you are using. For Windows, you can tweak some settings to increase torrent download speed. We have tested many ways to do that and got to know about some working ones. So, don’t wait and read the methods mentioned below if you want to increase torrent download speed by 200%.

How To Increase Torrent Download Speed [5 Methods]

Method #1. Add An Exception To Firewall

Windows Firewall works as a layer between your device and the internet connection. If you are using a torrent client to download files using torrenting, then you can use the firewall feature to unlock its true potential. By setting the torrent connection as an exception will help Windows Firewall to let the client use data as much as it wants without encrypting it. Here’s how you can use the Windows Firewall to increase torrent download speed in Windows without any software.

  • Open Control Panel on your Windows.
  • Navigate to System and Security -> Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Now, click on Allow An App or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall.
  • A pop-up will appear on your screen.
  • Find the app and allow it to use the internet without a firewall.

Firewall Exception

Method #2. Change The Bandwidth Settings

You can also adjust the Bandwidht Settings in your torrent client to maximize its downloading potential. Every torrent client has got such bandwidth settings so you can adjust it accordingly. Below we have shared a snapshot of the BitTorrent client bandwidth settings option. Also, read below what each setting means so you can change its value accordingly:

Bandwidth Settings

Global Maximum Number of Connections – It specifies the highest count of connections a BitTorrent client may establish for any P2P transfer. Putting it too high DOES NOT imply faster speeds. Configuring it too much will waste connectivity while setting it too low would mean missing out on peers.

Maximum Number of Connections Per Torrent – It specifies the maximum number of peers to whom a BitTorrent client may connect for every P2P transfer. Test by putting this amount near the number of accessible peers for a specific torrent.

Global Maximum Number of Upload Slots – It determines the maximum number of peers to which a torrent may upload. Clients usually value peers who share information with them.

Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent – It specifies the highest amount of peers to which a BitTorrent client can upload during a P2P transfer. A low setting may have an effect on download speeds.

Method #3. Use Lightweight Torrent Client

There are hundreds of torrent downloaders available out there and you can check Windows 11 version to choose any of them. Though we will recommend you to stick with some lightweight and easy-to-use clients as they will only use limited resources on your device. Sometimes you must go for something that’s might not be visually appealing but works well for your device. A simple search will get a list of the torrent clients for Windows but we will recommend going with the clients mentioned below:

  • BitTorrent
  • µTorrent
  • Vuze
  • BitTorrent
  • Deluge

Method #4. Add More Trackers To Your Torrent

Add Trackers To Torrent

As we said above, trackers are something that uses the peers and seeders networks to share files between the devices. These trackers use their own technology to find the parts of the files available on a system (seeder) and made them available for another system (peer). This helps in continuous downloads without waiting and makes availability of the downloads possible at any given time. Every torrent client, irrespective of the device has got the option to add trackers manually to the torrent. By default the list of trackers gets added automatically to the torrent, but if you want then you can add trackers manually too by going to the Properties or Settings of the torrent file you are downloading.

Method #5. Optimize Your Torrent Client Settings

Every torrent client allows the user to change its settings based on his requirements. If you want then you can play with your torrent client settings to see if you can do anything to increase its download speed. If you are using µTorrent then you can adjust the settings as shown below in the picture to increase its download speed. You can also find these similar settings in other clients as well but somewhere else in the panel. In µTorrent you can navigate to the below path to find these options:

  • Options -> Preferences -> General

Torrent Client Settings

Final Words

So, these were some of the working methods to increase download speed of torrents and we hope you have found them useful. There are some PC performance enhancer programs and speed booster programs that claim to increase your overall download speed. Well, most of them are fake and you must not try them before reading their reviews.

We will keep this post updated with more methods to increase download speed of torrents, so keep visiting Inframatics to know about them. If you are facing any issues in following any method mentioned in this post or you know about some other working ways to increase torrent client download speeds, then do let us know about it.

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