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La’eeb Announced as Official Mascot for FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 begins in Qatar on 21 November. Yesterday was the grouping of the World Cup. From now on, there is excitement among football fans all over the world surrounding this competition. Meanwhile, Qatar and FIFA jointly unveiled the World Cup mascot.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The mascot of this year’s World Cup is La’eeb. The Arabic word La’eeb means a player with special skills. A man dressed as an Arab is seen with a ball. Whether the mascot is a human or an animal is not officially stated. As a result, speculation has started all over the world. According to FIFA, La’eeb is encouraging everyone to rely on themselves. He will give joy to everyone through football. She is adventurous, fun and passionate about everything. ‘

The mascot was unveiled during the World Cup groupings in Doha, Qatar, yesterday. “This is the first FIFA World Cup in West Asia and the Arab world,” said Khalid Ali al-Moulvi, head of Qatar’s World Cup organizing committee. Earlier, we were happy to launch La’eeb as the official mascot.

He is come from the Mascot-Verse. This is a place that cannot be described. We want everyone to guess about this mascot. We hope that football fans will like this funny character. We urge everyone to enjoy the World Cup. I hope the mascot will have a special role in that. “

This is the first World Cup to be held in November-December. The competition is held every four years in June-July. But with the weather in Qatar in mind, it has been decided to host the World Cup in winter. May-June-July is extremely hot in Qatar. It was difficult to play football at that time. FIFA has decided to hold the World Cup in November-December keeping in mind the weather conditions of all the countries.

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