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How to Make Masala Dosa at Home | Homemade Masala Dosa Recipes

Foodies love to eat various types of food.  Among so many varieties of food South Indian foods are the popular one. South Indian food has earned so much fame across all over the world, mainly for scrumptious dishes like Masala Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam and Sambar. Many real and popular South Indian dishes that are sure to please taste buds with it’s tempting taste.

Masala Dosa is one of the best south Indian cuisines. Masala Dosa is a fermented crepe or hot cake created from urad dal (black lentil or even white dal) in addition to rice. It’s the traditional South Native Indian dish usually consumed for breakfast or even dinner. Masala Dosa is usually rich in carbs and proteins.

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If you are on the weight loss diet plan, it is possible to have got a complete stuffing nutritious meal in addition to would not sense the urge in order to eat anything among meals. Although the particular Masala dosa is produced from a mixture of black lentil and rice. The dosa is manufactured by stuffing the dosa with the lightly cooked stuffing of potatoes, deep-fried onions and spices or herbs. It’s nicely twisted across the Sabji or even potato curry.

Dosas usually are served with a side recipe that varies from each individual’s desire and choice. Quite a few of the common items which are served over the Dosa are sambar, chutney (usually it’s the coconut chutney), Milaga podi, any roasted chicken, mutton or species of fish curry. Masala dosa is originated mainly in Udupi, Karnataka.

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Ingredients/ Requirements to make Masala Dosa :

You need following ingredients to make masala dosa at home-

  1. 3 cups Dosa Batter
  2. 4-5 medium boiled potatoes
  3. 1 large onion thinly sliced
  4. ½ teaspoons Mustard seeds
  5. ½ teaspoon Cumin seeds
  6. 1 teaspoon chana Dal soaked in hot water with 30 minutes
  7. 1 pinch of Hing (Asafoetida)
  8. 8-10 Curry leaves
  9. 1 green chilli finely chopped
  10. 2 tablespoon oil
  11. Turmeric Powder according to measurement
  12. Coriander Leaves
  13. Salt according to measurement

Directions to Make Masala Dosa Step by Step :

Follow these Steps to make Dosa better at home :

Step 1

Steam potatoes in 2½-3 cups water inside a 3-liter capacity steel pressure cooker for approximately 4-5 whistles or even until potatoes change soft. (Don’t skip to add sodium in water prior to starting to steam potatoes; this could provide even taste in order to masala.) Peel off and cut hard boiled potatoes into little pieces.


Step 2

Heat essential oil in a weighty based kadai or perhaps a non-stick pan more than medium flame. Include mustard seeds. Whenever they start to crackle, add asafoetida, urad dal, chana dal and cumin seed products.

Step 3

Sauté until dal turns light brownish. Add curry simply leaves, finely chopped eco-friendly chilli and damaged cashew nuts.

Step 4

Blend well and frizz for 2-minutes. Include finely chopped red onion.

Step 5

Sauté until red onion turns translucent. Include turmeric powder plus salt.

Step 6

Mix nicely and frizz for a minute.

Step 7

Add one-half cup water. (If you like additional soft masala, include 1/2 cup drinking water rather than 1/3 mug. If you want dry masala with lightly crush potato then do not add any drinking water.)


Allow it cook more than medium flame.


When water begins to boil, include chopped potatoes.


Mix well plus lightly mash these the backside of the spoon. Cook till mixture turns solid, for around 4-5 minutes. Stir within between occasionally in order to prevent sticking.


Add finely cut coriander leaves plus blend well. Padding for masala dosa is ready.


Heat non-stick tawa or iron dosa tawa over method flame. When that is medium sizzling, sprinkle few droplets of water above the surface and possible until water evaporates. Put ½ teaspoon petrol over tawa and even spread it consistently with a rainy kitchen cloth. (sprinkling water and dispersing oil with rainy cloth prevents dosa from sticking to be able to the surface regarding pan. Continue this method before making each and every dosa). Place a new ladle full mixture in the cardiovascular of tawa and even spread it skinny and evenly by simply moving ladle inside spiral clockwise or perhaps anti clockwise course. The diameter regarding spread batter round needs to be approx. 7-9 inches.


Distributed 1-teaspoon butter all-around the edges. Make until bottom starts off to turn mild brown for all-around 2-minutes.


Spot 3-tablespoons potato padding (masala) in typically the middle and click it gently by using a flat spoon.


Cook dosa right up until bottom surface converts light golden dark brown and crisp. Elevate the dosa by sides and flip them such of which it covers spud masala as proven in the image. Carefully lift that with flat place and transfer that to an offering plate. Repeat ways 13 to 18 for remaining mixture to organize remaining masala dosas. Serve these people with Sambar and Coconut chutney.

Tips to Follow for making Masala Dosa better :

Fermentation : Agitation is the important and significant element for a sharp and porous dosa texture. the agitation has to get place within 8-12 hours following the mixture is prepared. in case you stay within a chilly area, store the mixture in a preheated oven or close to the gas range to fasten the particular fermentation process. furthermore, use your hands to combine the particular dosa batter because the bacteria within the hand helps within the fermentation procedure.

To Make Dosa Crispy :

When the batter will be over fermented, after that it’s hard to distribute the batter plus in this situation, the dosa becomes soft. if the particular batter is just not solid and in the best consistency or in case it’s runny, then your dosa will change soft. add grain flour and blend well at this kind of cases and change the consistency associated with the batter.

Potato Stuffing :

Make use of boil or cooked potatoes to get this stuffing. It is very easy to make and likes authentic. The reliability of the spud stuffing is wet, thick. Should it be too runny, or soaked, the stuffing can make the dosa soggy. This is a classic spud stuffing used for almost all of the Masala Dosa. Yet, you can use various stuffing.

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