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Winter Storm Warning Issued in Michiana

On Thursday, Feb 3 winter storm warning issued in Michiana. It will snow all day on Wednesday. On Thursday gusty winds may blow with extra snowfall throughout the day. Winter storm warnings will remain in force until 7 pm.

winter storm warning

Streets will be smooth Wednesday morning as the snow begins to aggregate. The best exhortation is to remain off the streets however much as could reasonably be expected – yet assuming it is important to travel, give yourself a lot of additional time. By ordinary regular drive hours, we could see up to 6″ of snow on the ground. We will keep on adding to these sums through the evening and evening – expect around one foot of snow all out today.

The snowfall on Wednesday morning will be around 6 degrees and will increase to 9 degrees at noon and will reach about 12 degrees in the evening. On Thursday midday to afternoon the snowfall remains lighter.

Blowing and floating snow an issue on provincial streets the entire day Thursday. Temperatures are in the lower 30s earlier today, however will fall into the mid-20s by evening. The breeze gets as the day proceeds. We’ll get a short respite in snow sometime tonight, yet one more round of snow travels through on Thursday. Aggregations are not as high Thursday, particularly for the northwest piece of Michiana. With windy breezes, nonetheless, blowing and floating snow could become tricky. Perceivability with blowing snow could be amazingly low on occasion. Floating snow will be a greater issue in provincial regions.

Although there is no new snowfall on Friday. However the roads can be very messy, especially on Friday morning. Temperatures experience a plunge to end the week, with a high of 20 on Thursday and 18 Friday. Short-term lows fall into the single digits. A few improvement in temperatures beginning Sunday.

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